(FB2) Armour and Weapons by Charles John Ffoulkes

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      Armour and Weapons
      by Charles John Ffoulkes

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      • Genres: war
      • Release date: September 30, 2005
      • Author: Charles John Ffoulkes
      • Publisher: Westholme Publishing
      • Language: english
      • Format: paperback, 112 pages
      • ISBN: 9781594160226 (1594160228)

      About The Book

      “A classic in the field” — Walter J. Karcheski, Jr., Chief Curator of Arms and Armour, Frazier Historical Arms Museum

      With an immense amount of information condensed into a compact book, Armour and Weapons provides a clear presentation of the history of personal military protection for people and horses from chain mail to highly ornamental costumes. Illustrated with the author’s excellent, detailed line drawings and photographs, the book is designed to serve as both a means of studying the history of armor and its associated weapons and as a short guide to the craft of the armorer.

      Through examining comtemporary images, existing examples of armor, and historical accounts, the author explains in precise and engaging prose all the key points about the development, construction, and proper wearing of armor and the attempt to counter this protection to allow the reader to gain useful knowledge and correct many misunderstandings and myths surrounding armor and its history.

      Contents: The Age of Mail (1066-1277); The Transition Period (1277-1410); The Wearing of Armour and its Constructional Details; Plate Armour (1410-1600); Horse Armour; The Decadence of Armour; Weapons.

      “A handy book giving really correct information.” — Harold Arthur, Viscount Dillon

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